Friday, July 21, 2017

How to know What Trade Shows Are Right For Your Business

There are several determining factors that a company must consider when choosing a trade show to participate in. These factors include budget, equipment needed, the goals a company pursue attending a show and so on. It is not a secret that exhibiting requires using a lot of resources - financial, human and time, and if a business selected not a correct show to attend, or preparation and presentation were not up to par, it can cause a long term negative consequences. Therefore, it is important to spend time weighing the benefits from attending a show and compare them with you possibilities. The following tips for selecting trade show venues will help put you on the right path to success:

Identify the Best trade show for your marketing campaign:

Identify the trade shows that appeal to your target audience and that offer the best chance of exposure for your products or services. Research on the topics of trade show so that they match with your business field and make a list of prospective trade shows. Don't forget to also check out where your competitors repeatedly show up.

Exercise Due Diligence

Of course, you will want to ask the trade show organizations to provide you with demographic statistics to help guide your decisions. Audited information is best if it's available.

This is not a full list of actions, you have to do more: double-check their assertions and perform your own due diligence by contacting peers and colleagues who have exhibited at the trade show in the past to get their perspective. Talking to former attendees to get their input is also a relationship building technique.

Factor in Timing Considerations

Now that you have an initial list whittled down a bit by your due diligence efforts, eliminate those shows that are out of sync with prospects' buying cycle timeline. It won't do your company any good to spend a lot of time and resources exhibiting at trade shows if they happen when major purchasing decisions have been already made.

Location, Location, Location
The studies show that on average, 40-60% of attendees at trade shows live within 200 miles of the show. Matching your company's geographic footprint with the trade show coverage is another smart move.

Avoid Calendar Conflicts

You probably do not want to schedule participation in trade shows that coincide with the Super Bowl. That's just too much competition for the attention and attendance that you ideally want and deserve for all of your company's hard work.

Whether your business is product or service-based, local or international, trade shows can be a great way to get noticed as a leader in your field and can help you generate quality leads which will quickly pay off. And while these shows may look like they're all fun and games, the sheer number of face-to-face interactions with potential clients makes them worth the time and cost spent.

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